We help people navigate personal, business and legal matters.


We help private clients get clarity during tough decisions.


We assist law firms before, during or after litigation.


We help fight fraud and get a clear picture of a claim.


We help companies make important key decisions.

Hire Professional California Private Detectives

PRIVATE is a high-performance California private investigation firm that focuses on putting our client first.  Experience is our hallmark and makes outcomes to private investigative matters more probable than possible.

30 years of investigative experience

Guaranteed Discreet. We work for titans of industry and we guarantee your secrets are safe with PRIVATE.

Value-Based Fees. Get what you pay for.

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No B.S. - We tell it to you straight

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Steve Garrett, PI

Popular Detective Services

Here are three of our most currently selected private investigation services in California. If you don't see what your looking for, click the button below.


Know more about people.

We conduct deep background investigations to help our clients know who they are really dealing with.


Legal - Personal - Business

We find people you need to find to enforce legal action, to reunite, and to wrong a right.


Judgements - Divorce - Court

We find liquid and real assets that you need to find to make important decisions.


A Suite of California Private Investigation Services

Nine out of ten private investigators have no pricing on their website. Our services have package prices, and if you don't see what you're looking for, we'll create a custom package just for you. Call us at (888) 867-6788 or message us for a consultation.

find assets
locate people



We create value for our client. While others may be concerned about their billable hour, we are concerned with setting your case up for success.

We don't charge by the hour, we charge by the investigation. The reasonable end result is what our client pays us for. Clients depend upon our experience to give them an understandable expectation of cost and results. 

When you are charged by the hour, you will always wonder..."When will my case be finished?"

There is no clarity in hourly billing.

Upfront pricing is what a client wants. Asking the question of "How much will this investigation cost me?" is more appropriately answered by PRIVATE over any other firm.


Core Investigation Services That Provide Clarity

Service to meet budgets
Every service comes with 3 packages to choose from. You'll have a choice of how much you want done and what you will spend.

Investigations started quickly
We get started on cases, often the same day. Getting you answers quickly and efficiently is what we do.


Contracts and secure payments
We make getting started with us safe and easy. Electronic signatures and secure payment processing makes PRIVATE, private.


24/7 support
We have package options that includes 24/7 support on your investigation.  Think of something in the middle of the night? Text or call. We never leave you hanging.


Guaranteed Private


  • Stalking

  • Harassment

  • Threats

  • Cyber Crimes

  • Cyber Security

  • Abusive Relationships

  • Threat Assessment

  • Workplace Violence

  • Corporate Security Planning

  • Executive Threats 

  • Legal Forensics

  • Behavioral Analysis

  • Reputation Smears

  • Theft of Intellectual Property

Modern services with old fashioned values.

Modern times require additional tools for an investigation firm. We have in-house cybersecurity services that meets the needs of litigators, private clients and businesses. With the advantage of licensed private investigators and the sophistication of technology related investigations, we are well poised to deliver to our clients needs.


Many of our skills from decades of investigative service are still relevant—and still used daily— as the basics of detection for a detective have changed very little. Times have changed and criminals, frauds, liars, and scammers have become more sophisticated. Technology has given birth to many positive horizons, but like anything else have given birth to complex methods used to create deception. With PRIVATE having a cybersecurity section, we can meet modern day investigative complexities. We are a complete investigative firm.

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