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WHO LOVES YA' BABY?      —Kojak (1973-1978)

The Three Investigators provides a variety of specialized services that help our clients gain greater clarity. You benefit from both education and experience of seasoned investigators and security experts.

When S#!T Gets Real.


More than just our slogan.

We realize to some that our trademark "When S#!T Gets Real." may sound uncouth.  We appreciate that sentiment.  But, we mean it.  Law firms, companies and private clients don't contact us when life is going swimmingly.  They call us when S#!T hits the fan. Or. many clients call us before they step in a big pile of life's doo-doo.

It's our job to investigate, secure and privatize our clients lives during trying times.  It's like taking out the garbage, it may not be better than sipping a margarita but it still needs doing.

Steve Garrett

80's junkie, traveler, food lover, father, aviation enthusiast.

It began as a child for Steve.  Reading Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators series spurred Steve's imagination.  TV shows like Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, The Rockford Files, and Remington Steele further propelled Steve's desire to be a private investigator.


Steve has 30 years in the investigative industry.  Starting in 1991 with a SoCal private investigator Steve began to learn surveillance investigations. Then moving into corporate security and investigations Steve conducted undercover investigations, interviews and interrogations. The saga continues with varied investigations and even working in a documentary for HBO.

Licensed in three states over the years, Steve has continued to enjoy the day-to-day challenges private investigative services offers.

Greg Tucker, M.L.S, M.S.C.J

Deplorable poet, published author, dog lover, family man, veteran and all around renaissance man.  

A former Lieutenant for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and a Former Senior Probation Officer with the Florida Department of Corrections


Greg holds a Masters degree in Legal Studies from Washington University St. Louis School of Law, a Masters of Science degree in Criminal Justice (Emphasis Criminology) from Kaplan University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies from Azusa Pacific University.

A combination of years of investigative experience and formal education has provided Greg with a unique approach in solving cases and providing the information needed for his clients.

  PS: Greg's working on his 3rd degree!

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Don Hartung

Techy, wine lover, grandfather, veteran and technical genius.

Don has 25+ years in Security and Technology having worked in Law Enforcement, Counter Intelligence and Information Security.


He has worked for startups, small, medium, and large multinational companies (HackerSafeCloroxOddzOnMcAfeeQualys, and FireEye) in various technology and security roles.

He was the Facility Security Officer (FSO), for two defense contractors supervising and directing security measures related to classified programs in the organizations in conjunction with and across the business units.


PRIVATE Risq is a suite of services.  Working in cooperation with each other, the three principal associates of PRIVATE Risq each bring a set of skills that mutually benefit our clients.  With a focus on private investigation, cybersecurity, profiling, and privacy services -- PRIVATE Risq provides the average person with above average service.