We conduct cyber threat assessments, computer forensics and more!

—The Rockford Files (1974-1980)

With the ever changing digital landscape comes unforeseen risks.  We provide design, build and management of hi-tech security and investigation services.  

Please see our full range of Cybersecurity services below.

Cyber Bullying



Today's technologically connected world is full of risk. Risk of exposure to fraud, loss of reputation, threats, destruction of families, bullying, hidden information and more!

We look for hidden cameras and listening devices; conduct computer forensics and help clients concerned with network security vulnerabilities.  We investigate blackmail, cyber extortion and threats.  We help families recover from Online attacks and provide high-net-worth clients with reputation management during events such as blackmail and attacks on careers.

Head of Section

Don Hartung

Don has 25+ years in Security and Technology having worked in Law Enforcement, Counter Intelligence and Information Security. He started his career in the US Army first as a Military Policeman and ending as a Counter Intelligence Agent. After the Military he worked in federal and civilian law enforcement.  


He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), carries numerous Industry certificatiions and has worked for startups, small, medium, and large multinational companies (HackerSafeCloroxOddzOnMcAfeeQualys, and FireEye) in various technology and security roles. 

He was the Facility Security Officer (FSO), for two defense contractors supervising and directing security measures related to classified programs in the organizations in conjunction with and across the business units.

Cyber-Risq Overwatch™

Cyber-RisQ Overwatch™ provides discerning clients with a complete monitoring service of their privacy and cyber security.

This service begins with a security and privacy assessment and continues with providing our clients with weekly and monthly reporting of their digital life. A real human will manage your portfolio and provide real time threat detection and mitigation.

This service will:

-Evaluate current practices

-Create best practices

-Implement the technology

-Monitor privacy

-Monitor digital security

-Monitor reputation

Cyber Butler™

Cyber Butler™ is similar to Virtual Cyber Housekeeping™ in that we provide our PRIVATE Clients with personal service, but this is all completed on-site at your private residence.

We will take a complete assessment of the digital products, devices and services you use.  We will them make recommendations on how you can make your digital life more secure.

Our assessments include in-depth review of settings, password management, access control, reputational risk, privacy hardware, software and applications.  

We can provide al a carte services as well.

Virtual Cyber Housekeeping™

Cyber Housekeeping™ virtually helps clients by reviewing existing technology and creating new pathways for security, privacy and safety in the future.

We remotely review and assess your home networks, settings and devices. After our assessment we make recommendations on containing and mitigating potential vulnerabilities that include privacy, security, and reputation management.

We will provide you a written best practices report and make suggestions in order to educate you on reducing risk.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

aka: debugging

Tracking, listening and watching people has become even easier in modern times.  With off the shelf devices that put a lot of power into some scary peoples hands, it is more than ever the time to remain ever vigilant against privacy invasive harassment and spying.

Listening Devices:  Although less common in modern times when a camera can be as small as a bug, listening devices are still in use and some can even be acquired cheaply.  The device can be placed in a car and listen to conversations while also tracking your GPS location.  There are many more listening devices (bugs) but you get the idea.  China is the leading importer of such malicious products because they are cheaply made.  With it being so inexpensive and prolific, it makes it easy for bad people to do rotten things.

Hidden Cameras: Very common is the use of surreptitious video devices.  These can be bought for $20 and placed innocuously and you'd never know.  Cleverly disguised as sprinkler systems, screws, USB cables and more.  Hidden cameras are a serious danger to your privacy.  We can help locate and attempt to trace attribution.

Mobile Phone Spying:  A prolific tool to find cheating partners, stalk a partner or to learn business secrets, mobile device spying is real and fairly easy to do.  Let us check your devices for any signs of hidden spyware.