Minimize your life from prying eyes, stalkers, threats to your reputation and more.

What is privacy consulting?

Since 2003 we have quietly helped celebrities, captains of industry and people dealing with stalking and harassment make massive improvements in their life through greater anonymity. We possess the tools, experience and know-how to help you button up your digital life, or disappear all together; or perhaps you wish for something in between.

Who better to help you find the balance you need in life from prying eyes than a team with private investigation, cyber intelligence and law enforcement backgrounds? We know where information is kept and who has access and have a greater capacity to help you with privacy over any other entity. 

Privatus™ is the name of our privacy consulting service. In Latin it means to be 'removed from public life'.

Whether you want to get rid of your social media presence or you want to utilize our services in obtaining on-going privacy related services, we can help.

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Why The Need For Privacy?

Fleeing a violent ex.
Executive of a company.
Everyday people avoiding big tech's reach.
High net-worth individuals.

Step 1.

Mentally prepare to change your habits.

A more private life requires mental preparation.  If your sole instinct is to check your phone every 5 minutes for that latest like, then you will need to start to think differently.  If you have a favorite web browser, prepare yourself to create new habits and use 4 instead of just the one.  Privacy and security will mean a change in habits, but you will adjust quickly as you begin to make privacy your new lifestyle.

The amount of change you may need to make can be significant, so as to not waste your resources, you must be committed to the process.

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Prices for Privatus privacy consulting start at $2500 and can cost as much as $100,000.

Step 2.

Down with social media.

If you want a more private life, we start with everything digital.  This is not all there is to providing a more private lifestyle, but this is a good start.  We conduct an analysis from the digital side first because it is the low hanging fruit in determining your threat level and attack vectors.  Yes, we said 'attack' because privacy is not only about keeping your private life private from nosey people, but it offers greater protection against the prevelance of attackers.

Step 3.

We compatmentalize your life.

In all aspects of privacy comes the need to compartmentalize.  Whether it is as simple as creating various free email addresses to developing LLCs and corporations to protect your privacy and assets, you will need to break your privacy routines into compartments.  We show you how, and make it as simple as we can.

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