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All-inclusive value-based pricing

We provide our clients with results.  Hourly billing creates excuses. Value-based pricing creates results. 

Besides being different in our private investigator pricing approach, we set our self apart through our education and experience. We have a no BS policy that tells our client up front what it may cost and what they get for the money.

We look at the investigation as a whole and then we create vectors that help us get to the point as quickly as possible with the best possible results. That is why our pricing is different. That is why we are different. And, when the rest of the industry catches on, all clients will be better served.


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Child Custody

Divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved, but when children are involved it can be even more complicated. 

If you're worried about your ex's ability to care for the kids or if they are hiding assets during divorce proceedings, we have a solution. We'll do an investigation and produce evidence that will help you get what you need from the court.


Hire California PRIVATE Detectives to investigate your case today! Our team of experienced private investigators has years of experience in child custody cases and knows exactly what to look for when investigating on behalf of our clients. Our services include surveillance, computer forensics, background checks and much more! Contact us today at (888) 867-6788 or click here so we can discuss how we can help with your case!


Child Custody Investigations Prices

If you are going through a child custody case, you need to speak with an experienced investigator. This is because during the process, your entire life will be examined in great detail in order for the judge to make the best decision possible.  


Child custody investigations are critical during child custody cases and should not be taken lightly. They will determine which parent is the most suitable custodian for the children, and can help decide issues such as future parenting plans, access arrangements, child support payments and spousal maintenance.

• No obligations, false promises or pressure
• Free consultations and initial consultations are free
• A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
• Expertise in child and adult custody investigations 
• Licensed private investigators

How we price

All our investigations, including child custody cases have package pricing. These give our clients the best value. However, these must be value priced over a consultation as child custody cases can have many moving parts. Here are some common prices:

Surveillance: Placing the other parent under observation while the child is in their care. This is good to know how the Childs welfare is being met. Half day of surveillance $800 for 1 investigator. Full day of surveillance for 1 investigator is $1395.

Locate Employment: This investigation is to locate any possible employers that the parent may be working for. We conduct this investigation from our office and the cost is $995.

Locate Assets: We can locate bank accounts and other assets that may help your court child custody case. Prices for locating bank accounts start at $995.

We can create custom packages to fit your needs. Contact us now!


Choose a Package

  • The Mannix

    1 Day / 1 Detective $1595 Value
    • Up to 10 Hours - For one day including travel time
    • Unlimited miles - No Charge for mileage*
    • No Charge for Digital Photos
    • No Charge for Video Emailed
    • No charge for basic email report or 15 minute debriefing
  • Preferred by Most Clients

    The Banachek

    1 Day / 2 Detectives $3190 Value!
    • 1 Day of Surveillance Services by 2 Investigators
    • No Charge Unlimited Miles*
    • Includes Digital Pictures Emailed
    • Includes a Report Emailed
    • Includes an After Investigation Phone Consultation
    • Includes Checking for Registered Owner of 1 License Plate
    • Up to 8 Hours Per Day Including Travel Time
    • 2 Vehicle Surveillance Team
  • The Cannon

    3 Days / 2 Detectives $9995 Value!
    • 3 Days of Surveillance up to 8 Hours pr Day Includes Travel
    • 2 Detectives / 2 Vehicles
    • Unlimited Mileage
    • Emailed Report
    • Daily Briefs Via Email
    • No Charge for Photos or Video
    • Up to 4 License Plates Checked for Owner Name
    • After Investigation Briefing Via Phone


To know more about a person and their habits, sometimes it is important to observe them. We provide surveillance on cheating partners, errant teens, employees, insurance cases and more.

When to Perform Surveillance

  • When you need to know the habits of a person

  • Employee theft

  • Insurance claims

  • To better understand a person's character

  • When a relationship is uncertain

  • Make sure your child is safe

  • To know what a person does in a day

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Background Investigations

Background checks just make sense. Don't be a penny wise and a pound foolish. Not conducting a background check may be one of the worse things you can do. 

When to Conduct a Background Check

  • When things people say just don't add up

  • Before you enter a relationship

  • Before you hire someone

  • When you need to know if they have a criminal history

  • To validate educational claims

  • To know a person's true work history